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External Courses

Hospitality Course

This course is designed for students who are new to hospitality and are looking to learn all the basic skills required to work in food & beverage.

Our Hospitality Course covers a variety of industry techniques such as, wine and champagne service, plate skills, table settings and sequence of service.

Cost $150

Event Wait Course

This course is designed for students who have existing hospitality experience and are looking to improve and enhance their current skill set.

Our Event Wait Course runs monthly, covers the same techniques as the Hospitality Course and focuses on refining your existing service skills.

Cost $95

Internal Courses

Bespoke Training

Our dedicated training and development team work constantly to design internal courses specific to our clients needs.

From something as simple as customer service and barista training to more complex sessions such as corporate boardroom classes, private home wait staff upskilling and supervisor training. We are always working to insure our clients needs are met and the highest levels of service provided.

Stedmans prides itself on being able to provide you with a unified style of quality that is adaptable to any situation.

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