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External Courses

Hospitality Course

An introduction to basic techniques in providing Food and Beverage services such as table setting, cocktail party, wine and place services. The learner will be deemed competent at the end of this six hour course and will be well versed as a food runner and cocktail event waiter.

Event Wait Course

Specific to functions and banquets, the learner will understand the expectations of an event waiter who will be competent working on the floor, basic interpersonal skills and basic F&B services. This 8 hour course prepares the learner in cocktail parties and large scale sit-down dinners.

Internal Courses


This four hour engages learners with more refined services in an elaborate sequence of service. Suited for boutique events and private home parties. Reinforcement of interpersonal skills to enhance customer engagement with various scenarios.

“Pearl has partnered with Stedman’s Hospitality to provide a preferred list of professional and highly trained waitstaff that are selected specifically for each event brief and trained to Pearl’s service expectation. Stedman’s commitment to training is evidenced in the skilled staff that are selected for Pearl events”

Craig DurstonGeneral Manager

“Stedmans offers a variety of courses; senior staff undergo regular training to keep up with industry standards and enhance our customer/client experience. The courses are tailored to a specific skill-set and etiquette required for different clientele. The Boardroom training on one hand is used to address the requirements and expectations of our corporate clients, be it a boardroom or a function within the business. The Blueprint workshop recently introduced is an upskilling course developed for us senior waiters to further develop our food and beverage knowledge and skills. This also helps us work independently and has opened me to opportunities of working independently at some private parties, VIP sit- down dinners and being involved with some of the biggest and high-end functions around Sydney. What is most unique about these courses is that it is designed around the interest, abilities and growth potential of individuals hand-picked within the company. It is entirely performance- based and is a motivating factor when you are involved in a wider scale of events and trusted to deal with our clients even single-handedly”

Sheena PatrickBlueprint Testimonial (May 2018)

“I would like to make special make special mention of the amazing training that Val has given to the Stedman’s team before they come in to work for us. Val had organised with me to come in and work on the floor in all our work areas, to understand processes and procedures and the environment that her team come to work in.
We spent time together discussing what beneficial points of things can be trained prior to coming in to the work area. Within a week, Val had sent me a copy of all we had discussed in a easy to read folio. This including lay out of the work spaces, setup and displays, our basic policies and procedures along with grooming standards.
We had new staff coming into our work area with an understanding of what was expected of them, we had team members that took half the time to train on the floor, and team members that were confident.
Stedman’s have provided us such a great range of people for our preferred staffing, the management team are always in direct contact with personal visits to come in and see us face to face, and it is clear they are successful from the positive management”

Kerry Thompson, Administration AssistantAdministration Assistant, VIP International Services

“I started at Stedmans with no hospitality experience fresh out of school. In the two years since taking part in the courses on offer, it has given me so many new invaluable skills and incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I can now take these new skills with me overseas as a more confident traveller. I can’t recommend to anyone high enough considering joining the Stedmans team/family!”

Knox GlenTraining Course Testimonial (Oct 2017)

“As we operate a number of high end functions across multiple outlets on our busy days we rely on the support of your highly trained staff to run these functions on our behalf, which they do exceedingly well. This is a testament to the recruitment and training program you have in place at Stedmans.
Based on my own dealings with Stedmans staff and the feedback from our Supervisors, Clients and Patrons, the training they receive at Stedmans is comprehensive – and its strength is in the attention to detail. Ranging from senior F&B members, supervisors, baristas, senior barman, food coordinators and function coordinators, your staff form an integral part of the larger ANZ Catering team. Your staff do an amazing job, and represent Stedmans very well. In particular, Karel, Victor, Ken, Carlos and Daniel have been a welcome addition to our Casual Event Day Leadership Team and their continued rostering ensures that the patrons in each outlet have the best possible experience. Further to these key staff, we continue to get great feedback from all staff that Stedmans supplies as they work as once cohesive unit.
Well done!
Thank you also for the efficient and effective way in which you follow up on the feedback we provide to you regarding any further training or suggestions we have from time to time. This plays an important role in improving upon the Event Day delivery and is greatly valued by our team”

Debbie HoganSenior Manager Staffing Operations and Services

Stedmans prides itself on being able to provide you with a unified style of quality that is adaptable to any situation.

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