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Hospitality Course

An introduction to basic techniques in providing Food and Beverage services such as table setting, cocktail party, wine and place services. The learner will be deemed competent at the end of this six hour course and will be well versed as a food runner and cocktail event waiter.

Event Wait Course

Specific to functions and banquets, the learner will understand the expectations of an event waiter who will be competent working on the floor, basic interpersonal skills and basic F&B services. This 8 hour course prepares the learner in cocktail parties and large scale sit-down dinners.

Upskilling F&B Course

This four hour engages learners with more refined services in an elaborate sequence of service. Suited for boutique events and private home parties. Reinforcement of interpersonal skills to enhance customer engagement with various scenarios.

Stedmans prides itself on being able to provide you with a unified style of quality that is adaptable to any situation.

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