Stedmans Concierge are renowned across Sydney for their impeccable service and professionalism

Our concierge team are rigorously trained in providing premium services in both residential and commercial settings.

Contact Jo Rosenberg, our Concierge Operations Manager, if you are looking for staff in the following areas:

Sales & Marketing Suites, Pre-Settlement Inspections, Valuations, Settlements, Move In Managers, Housekeeping, Cleaning, Reception, Valet, Retail, Sales Programs, Directional Staff, Wayfinding, Activations


Stedmans Concierge are there to uphold your vision and brand


Protecting your assets and maintaining security


Our concierge are always ready with a smile whilst delivering premium customer service

Stedmans prides itself on being able to provide you with a unified style of quality that is adaptable to any situation.

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