Our policy forms part of our approach to delivering our company’s sustainability initiatives.

Our goal is to provide a safe workplace for staff, embrace workforce diversity, sustainable work practices; to foster strong relationships with suppliers and local communities as we deliver the outcomes for our clients.

We acknowledge we have limited influence over third parties whose events or workplaces we may work within. While we cannot control the decisions made by these parties, we commit to educate them of our policy and encourage them to align operating practices with our policy objectives.

Our policy has 5 pillars and objectives:

Safety first

Stedmans is committed to protecting the safety, health and wellbeing of all our staff, contractors and visitors.


Stedmans is committed to offering employment opportunities to people from all walks of life. Our policies and management practices support our customer needs and at the same time align with an inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

Sustainable environment

Stedmans is committed to the actively work to limit and reduce our impact on the environment.

Sustainable sourcing

Stedmans is committed to informed and balanced procurement decision making processes that minimise the impact of our operations on the environment, support local communities, deal fairly and responsibly with our suppliers and value our people and clients.


Stedmans is committed to positively contributing to the markets and communities in which we operate, through the support of selected client and regional community and industry programs.