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Stedmans Online

Sydney's leading hospitality staffing and training agency

Stedmans is justifiably famous for our stylish and friendly staff who are ready to assist you in creating whatever experience you desire. Whether it's a discreet dinner party for a few close friends, or an event of Olympic proportions – we have the ingredient that can so often be missing... superb service.

Stedmans prides itself on being able to provide you with a unified style of quality that is adaptable to any situation.

Whatever your requirements whether it's a particular type of dress – or a certain unified 'look', style or even language – from a fashion show to a product launch – Stedmans is happy to oblige with an attractive range of alternatives.

Stedmans big success lies in our eye to detail and insistence on quality of training. If you want to join the Stedmans staff we can provide you with the best training you could hope for.